Sounds of Forest



From a scientific point of view, a wood material contains plentiful air inside its cell structures consisting of carbon and cellulose, and is used for instruments such as piano and violin to touch hearts universally with tender tones.


Adapting “acoustic property of Japanese cedar and hinoki cypress” which was discovered in the process of developing interior material for condominium apartment, the fusion of “cutting-edge electronic technology” and “cell structures of wood” and “physical theory of sympathetic vibration” generates sounds by making cells of wood “echo and resonate with each other” as if it were an instrument.


Young dual leaves sprouted out from a seed grow bigger to become wings to fly up to the sky, and a grown tree becomes a plate and ends up to be one and only splendid instrument in the world. With great gratitude to the gift of forests!


葉 HAON 音 series

花 KAON 音  series

花 KAON 音 series


 A Single flower blooming in nature is depicted as a handshake between successors of the forestry industry and urban residents,


the stem means a local community, the pot expresses the earth to nurture life,


and as a whole a union and bond of society, that is to say, “sustainable circulation of forest” is designed.