What do you think this is?

 Actually, this is a speaker made of hinoki cypress!!

 And this is an inventor of this speaker, whose atelier is in Gojoban-yashiki, Kinpei Yokohama the interior designer.

 His atelier is filled with woodsy

aroma and has a very nice atmosphere.

 I felt very comfortable being surrounded by wood materials.





How to Enjoy

葉 HAON 音


Rechargeable/Bluetooth--BGM in such plase as porch,yard and entrance!


 Connectable wiht PC, radio and TV!

Play music via the Internet!


Hold a concent using instrumental applications such as piano, guitar, violin etc!


Foldable a mplifirer,"playgrounde of sound" Forest relaxation!


Best as an interior accessory with woodsy feel!


While playing music,

if you fold the flaps of hinoki completely like this,


the sounds get muffled and almost


It is really magical.

Since I could feel vibrations on my palms,

it feels as if I was touching

the sounds itself.

If you have it placed over your head, it works like  headphones.